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Photographing architecture is possibily one of the most challenging areas of our business, in delivering the exact photograph that our client is looking for.  The majority of the images we create are, most likely, intended for record and display purposes, or if you are an estate agent, to help in sales and in the promotion of a certain building to maximise those sales.

In the field of architectural photography we try our very best to understand the inspiration which resulted in the completed structure in the first place. Our aim is to complete the project by bringing photography which captures the atmosphere, the character, and the passion which inspired the architect all those months ago.

By using skills which we trained for and developed over years, skills that help us in understanding space, light and perspective we trust that our clients are at ease by permitting us develop a final image which satisfies their inspiration.  Include that with our other services and we believe we offer one of the best in-house photographic services available.

We use the best Canon professional cameras available including the outatanding C300 for high definition video work.  All our cameras are used with L series lenses including tilt & shift units resulting in outstanding quality.

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