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It has always been said that a picture can speak a thousand words but what if that picture was interactive with information, additional photographs, videos – now we've a story.  Having developed an aerial photography service, which offers 360 degree viewing or aerial virtual tours, we at Colin Williams Photography can now create aerial 360 tours from the ground to an altitude of 400ft AGL.

A basic 360 aerial panorama can be constructed to which additional compass headings, mapping, site information and information linked to web pages of buildings and local landmarks etc can be added. Our panoramas will provide the viewer with exceptional and exciting aerial views were they have full control in which direction to look at the click of a mouse. Going even further, additional aerial tours may be added within the original 360 panorama enabling you travel through different areas without leaving the comfort of your home/office.

Planners and developers, now see the live view from anywhere at the planning stage, well before the first cut is made for that new high rise building.  Is there evasion of privacy issues.  We can help you by offering a virtual view at any height to 400ft AGL.

Film and set directors, without scoutting the provience for set locations to no avail, send us grid references and we'll do the rest.  Set areas come alive with our 360 panoramas in high resolution quality from the ground or air.  There is not another more cost efficient solution available than using our aerial panoramas for set designers.  If you like what you see, follow it up with a site visit in person, in the knowledge that valulable time and money is not being wasted visiting unsuitable locations.


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Basic Panorama - Hillsborough Village
Historic buildings and parks

360 Aerial Panorama
East Belfast

Donaghadee Golf Club



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