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Project : Time Lapse resolution cameras
Duration : Full term
Date : Dec 2017

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The biggest challange we have encountered with clients to date, still surrounds cost for our time-lapse camera unit and professional service charges.  So much so, its time to outline the difference between us and a cheaper competitor to help you, the client, understand what you are up against when it comes to deciding your professional time lapse consultant. All is not like for like, so beware.

Technology has made it easier than ever to produce fantastic videos nowadays. There are many providers who claim to offer such a high end service, and charge substantially less, than a professional provider such as CWP. In our experience offering the same system at a cheaper rate, has never ever been the case. There are many reasons why CWP differ from other companies.

Firstly; If your provider is using a camera with a resolution 1280 x 720 (colour RED above) you can rest assurred they are using a CCTV or IP camera to produce your video. This medium is extermly small and cannot be incorportated into HD Video (colour WHITE) without loss in quality. They will normally be over sharpened, contrasty and of poor image pixel quality. These cameras can be purchased off the shelf for a few hundred pounds. In many circumstances, if not all, this is what we are mistakenly being compared to.

CWP install as a base line camera, a professional Digital SLR (Canon or Nikon depending on availability) with a resolution of 24Mp. The resolution offers 6000x4000px (colour GREEN above). The lens is equally important and again only the best optics are selected to suit the commission. So to start with, which would you prefer for quality the RED box or the GREEN box offered by CWP.

Our system for power can operate from, 1. Mains electricity, 2. Solar panels and 3. Long term battery supply if neither mains or solar power is available. We will advise you on the best and most appropriate setup for your coverage.

Every unit; is constantly monitiored and remotely controlled from our office. This means, we control the shooting interval, capture times, and basic camera controls without the need to revisit your site to make any setting error changes. But not only that, every unit provides continious feed back on system performance. Many providers cannot provide or do not provide such important anaylasis and only realise the system has crashed, once files have been collected and downloaded at the termination of the project. But thats too late to resolve any performance issue. At CWP, we monitor images, system performance, battery voltage, media memory and anaylise for faults 4 times per day, every day, to ensure we can supply enough stills to complete the final video. If an issue is discovered we will attend asap and in most cases within 24hrs depending on location to resolve any problems. 

Camera positioning and bracketing; With every installation, CWP will carry out a site assessment to ensure we offer you the best possible camera position and camera mounting system. Every site will have different charactertics and we allow for customised bracketing design, within reason. Seldom we ask a client to install any bracketing for us. There are ofcourse exceptions to that, especially when it surrounds lattice masts and root bases. Our competitors will ask the client to install a bracket somewhere handy to which a simple clamp would be securred. Our staff have undergone training in H&S, First Aid, Working at Height, with every installer trained and approved to use MEWP.

Each client will be provided with a Project Management web page. Once logged in, using a unique user name and password full access will be given from where you are able to view the latest photograph captured, access to full high resolution images, a comparision screen and a searchable photo data base. Many of our competitors again will not offer this or if they do its an additional fee.

Ofcourse when it comes to video editing again we just dont provide a static 1-2mins video. It will be professionally edited, colour balanced, and matched with a licensed music track to ensure there are no copyright enfringements.

Hopefully by now you are realising the huge difference we make when it comes to installing a time-lapse system. But even better WE WILL PRICE MATCH any company who is offering the same at a cheaper rate. There's only one catch - We require written comformation on what has been quoted for specification, service and maintaince and final edit. Thats not just an email from you the client but from the photographic company supplying the quote. We dont need to see who they are just the spec and of course all final costs.

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