Aerial 360 panorama - Production location scouting

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Aerial 360 panorama - Production location scouting
Aerial 360 panorama - Production location scouting

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Recently we received a request to photograph a scenic location in the Glens of Antrim. The area was believed suitable for a new movie production, similar to Game of Thrones.  Supplied with only a grid reference number and a short brief, asking us to photograph from below 200ft we set off fully equipped with flight plan and permissions.  The grid, referred to an area set in the heart of Cairncastle where series 1 of GOT was filmed. The Directors idea was to minimise and reduce costs for location scouting and only if the location looked promising would their team of scouts fly in from Germany.

Obviously, background research was well performed as we found ourselved at a view point on the Ulster Way. Great access and off road parking, all that was needed for a small production team to set up camp for a week or so. It was our role now to capture a stunning aerial panorama of the area.  The result can be viewed by clicking on the above link.


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