Aerial 360 panorama - Ballygally Castle Co Antrim

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Aerial 360 panorama - Ballygally Castle Co Antrim
Aerial 360 panorama - Ballygally Castle Co Antrim

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The castle, described as "a living postcard", was built in 1625 by James Shaw. Embracing Scottish architecture, it features corbelled cylindrical tourelles with coned roof tops.  High walls, five feet thick provided a safe haven when under attack, from the Irish garrison at Glenarm, during the rebellion of 1641.

Now a 4 star hotel, owned by the Hastings Group, Ballygally Castle is reputed to host a number of ghosts. The most active is the former resident, Lady Isobel Shaw. Lady Isobel has been known to knock on doors of the rooms and disappear. It is alleged she fell to her death from the window after her husband had locked her in her room and starved her. Another ghost Madame Nixon, who lived in the hotel in the 19th century, can be heard walking around. The small room in the corner turret of the castle, known as "The Ghost Room" is not used as a guest room.


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